Inventions In Motion

A Legacy of Innovation in Differentials and Hydraulics

Inventions In MotionInventions In MotionInventions In MotionInventions In Motion

Torvec’s unique combination of innovation, design and engineering creates advanced, proven vehicle differentials and hydraulic pump technologies, dramatically better than anything on the market. If you need superior traction, performance, handling and safety, we’re the experts. If you want compact, high-efficiency, lightweight mobile hydraulics, count on us. Chances are if it drives, flies, or sails, we can enhance your technology with greater performance and value.

Torvec’s portfolio of revolutionary innovations draws upon the inventiveness of the Gleasman family whose patriarch, Vernon E. Gleasman, was awarded over 300 patents in numerous fields. He is also credited with ground breaking automotive inventions such as the multiple disc clutch used in automatic transmissions, the tilting cab for trucks, and the Torsen® differential. Today, his legacy is continued and extended by dedicated family members and a team of creative, talented engineers and thinkers who continue to advance the Torvec goal of being the most innovative, inventive, and customer-focused powertrain engineering and marketing company in the world. Torvec is a publicly owned development stage technology company, headquartered in Rochester, NY.